Église Locale


Eglise Locale is a digital platform dedicated to churches, all confections, and to its related works. Its vocation is to contribute to the advancement of the work of God while ensuring the churches a good digital visibility.

Today, digital technology is more than ever a MUST. The Eglise Locale platform constitutes an alternative to the costs of constitutions and of running a website for churches. It is less costsharp than a website and highlights just as much, if not more, the necessary informations and importantes for the public. This is the church business card.
Imagine for a moment a person who moves to another place and will have to change churches. He or she search for a church that fits better at its values and principles. On Eglise Locale, that person can do a quick search and at up-to-date information including it needs (location, hours of service, previous worship…).
Let us also take the example of people who want to attend a friend’s celebration (marriage, baptism, confirmation…) organized in a church. On Eglise Locale, they will be able to find the necessary information concerning the various amenities they may be entitled to in this church …
We could also think of mothers who wonder if in a given church, they will find amenities and equipment important for their children: playground, toilets with table at changing, cafeteria …
The Eglise Locale platform provide solutions …

Click on the Register My Church button on the right (or at the bottom if you are on your phone)

Complete and submit the registration form

You will receive a confirmation message inviting you to create your password via the login link that will be sent to you

To edit your church information, you must have an account.
You can create your account by clicking “Login” in the top left menu (or bottom if you are on a tablet or phone).
If you had already filled out the church registration form without creating your account first, we will send you the link to log into your account in your church confirmation email. Just click on the link to create your login password.
You do not need to log in to view a church’s information, but you do need to log in to change or update your church’s information.

Our intention is to make digital visibility accessible to churches, and at a very affordable cost. Contact us to find out the cost of posting your church.

Eglise Locale wants to be a complete platform for the building of the Christian faith. On Eglise Locale, you will find many resources:

  • My Church: where you will find a repertoire churches and their respective information;
  • Events: who gives access to various Christian events;
  • Prayers: where you can ask for a pray or pray for another person;
  • News : you will find articles shared through your church;
  • Verses of the day;
  • And even more content to strengthen your faith …

On Eglise Locale, you can find churches of all denominations and sub-denominations:
* Catholic
* Orthodox
* Protestant
* Anglican
* Evangelical
* Baptist
* Charismatic
* Pentecostal)
* Lutheran
* Methodist
* Reformed
* African Independent Churches
* Celestial Christianity
* Cherubim and Seraphim
* Christian Church of the Redeemed of God
* Pastoral
* Related works
* Other…

On Eglise Locale, your church can add all the information necessary to make it known :
* The name of the church (Organization, the name of the contact)
* Pictures and logo
* Church addresses \ Telephone numbers (home, cell or work)
* Email addresses
* Messenger / social media identifiers
* Maps and locations
* Biographical information
* Additional Notes
* Facilities and equipment
* Service hours
* Languages on duty
* Church contact form
* Calendar of events internal
* Live broadcast or deferred cults
* and any other relevant information given by the church …

The tab “My Church” is a church directory where one can find churches of all denominations (categories). By clicking on the name of the church in question, you will find the complete information relating to the church.
Each church has its personal space where their activities, vision, values and other important information are presented. There is also the live or delayed retransmission of the last worship if it is made available by the church.

The “Events” tab you gives access to various Christian events such as concerts, seminars, conferences, pilgrimages and many other events and celebrations organized for the glory of God. Your little church add a new event displayed monthly, weekly, daily and allow visitors to find the categories of events according to places and dates.

You can make prayer requests or pray for a subject given on the platform. The prayers are then redirected to the intercessors whose mission is to bring the various requests before the throne of grace.
* Click on “ Prayer request ”: add your name, email, country, title, message and share with your friends
* Click “Pray “ : pray for someone or a situation, find the topics on which you want to address a prayer. The number of times that topic has been prayed for will be found below the prayer topic.

Eglise Locale displays a list of items Christians recently published by a church given on the “News” tab. These articles can be directly shared on social networks.

Works related to the church relate to missionary activities, social works, biblical university groups, and all activities not directly related to a place of worship.

To consult the information of a church, go to the “My Church” tab and click on the name or logo of the church in question. You can also do the search for your church in the sidebar.

To contact a church, go to the “My Church”, Find information about the church. In the section contact this church , enter your name, address, e-mail, subject of the message, body of the message and click send. The church will instantly receive your message and respond to you without delay.

On Eglise Locale, you can find the equipment and facilities of a church by clicking directly on the logo of the church. The list of potential church facilities is as follows:
* Offices and workshops for facility management
* Offices, meeting rooms and break rooms for church administration
* Auditorium and sanctuary space
* Community rooms, church halls and kitchens
* Church gymnasiums, playground covers
* Church foyers
* Classrooms
* Summer Bible camps
* Outdoor event structures for receptions and weddings
* and more

To find out the hours of service for a church, click on the menu, “My Church”, search the church you are interested in and click on the name of the church. You will find all the church information including its hours of service.

To submit a prayer topic, click on “prayer request” from the menu. Enter the information in the form provided at this effect: your name, email, category, country, title and your message and submit your request.

To pray for a specific prayer subject, go to the menu “Pray”. Browse the list of prayers available. Click on the “Pray” button after praying for the topic. This click will update the count of the number of prayers recorded for the subject.

To consult the calendar of a church, click on the “My Church” menu, search for the church you are interested in and click on the name of the church. You will find all the information concerning her including the events on the church calendar.

You can display the platform in French and English. We are working on other translations …